How To Buy MWC On WhiteBIT Exchange

Jason Win
3 min readJul 13, 2020


Hello, friends! Today we will talk about the MimbleWimbleCoin.

MimbleWimbleCoin (MWС)- a coin of a new Protocol that combines several innovative technologies that radically change the transaction structure embedded in bitcoin (BTC).

The Mimble Wimble Coin main network was launched on November 11, 2019. The software modules of the Mimble Wimble Coin cryptocurrency are developed by a team of several dozen programmers on github.

The main features of MimbleWimble are:

  • privacy;
  • scalability;

Transactions in MimbleWimble are not transparent, but can be verified, despite the absence of addresses and transaction amounts, which are completely hidden for third parties. Thus, nodes in the network can verify the authenticity of transactions without revealing the transmitted values, addresses, and identifiable information in transactions.

It quite unexpectedly climbed to the podium of cryptocurrencies that are profitable for mining on Nvidia video cards, according to the rating of whattomine. Revenue from mining MWC, according to many online calculators, at the beginning of 2020 is 10–20% higher than all other coins.

On July 4, the team announced the release of mwc-node 3.2.3 having configured the node correctly, it will connect to other hosts via TOR. This update will allow users to completely secret their location.

At the moment several coins are also issued on the MimbleWimble Protocol:

  • Grin Coin;
  • Beam Coin.

According to the road map of the Mimble Wimble Coin project, it is planned to update the Grin 3.0 rebase network, improve the transaction system, and create a HODL program in the near future.

MimbleWimbleCoin is now available for mining, and the coin is already traded on some exchanges. However, the most attractive exchange rate on the WhiteBIT exchange is for a pair with BTC.

First of all, you need to make a Deposit to the exchange in BTC.

Remember that for optimal trading and withdrawal, you must pass KYC!

Go to the “My balance” section. Choose Bitcoin, usually it is always in the first place in the list. Next, select the “Deposit” option.

You will see a window with your address where you need to send the BTC. It will read “Your deposit address”.

Send your BTC to this address!

Remember the minimum amount to send is 0.0005 BTC

Once you have received the Bitcoin, you can proceed with the purchase of MWC.

You can immediately click on this link, you will be taken to the page of the MWC/BTC trading pair or click “Live trading” at the top and select “ Spot”

On the new page, at the top, find the name of the current trading pair and click on it.

You will see a window where you can select or find the necessary trading pair. Everything is very convenient. First select the main asset, and then enter the coin you want to buy in the search bar.

Then it is quite simple. Choose the purchase price, the number of coins you want to buy, or you can choose how much of your balance in BTC you will purchase MWC.

Check again that there is no error anywhere. If everything is correct, click “ Place order”

If your offer is liquid, the order will be completed immediately and you will see MWC on your balance.

Have a good purchase MimbleWimbleCoin!