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Every person on earth loves to shop and buy new things, some more, some less, but everyone loves. Do you remember how modern retail was born?

If ordinary retail outlets appeared a long time ago, then with the spread of the Internet, online stores began to gain more and more popularity. Online stores began to gain momentum, and the emergence of such sites as E-bay, Amazon, Aliexpress taught people to the standard of online shopping.

The project I want to talk about improves the existing standard of online shopping and in the spirit of Satoshi Nakamoto suggests thinking about decentralizing the entire data exchange system when making purchases. is the leading provider of permission advertising for eCommerce.

The company has created the ASK Coin to enable individuals to securely grant permission and monetize their data on and third-party e-commerce platforms. Advertisers reward shoppers with ASK for interacting with brands and content, building consumer loyalty and trust.

What does this mean?

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Probably you have noticed more than once how after looking at a product in an online store, advertising of this product begins to haunt you literally on all pages. Once you fill out the form in the online store, your data becomes available and there is no guarantee that the store will keep this data secret. Your gender, age, clothing preferences, shopping history, colors you like, and many other data are collected by centralized IT giants to extract their own profits.

By making purchases on existing platforms, you give this information to IT giants, who sell it very expensive, while not sharing their profits with you, the true owners of this information.

It is thanks to the advertisements and information sold that YouTube has become a real job, where any content only gathers the necessary audience.

Shop & Earn platform is the first of many opportunities for you to earn and spend ASK.

ASK — this is a native cryptocurrency that you will earn by sharing your information. It’s up to you to decide which brand you want to share information with and what to provide them with.

Shop & Earn is an eCommerce platform where you can shop knowing your personal information is respected and your engagement is valued.

The platform runs on ASK, our native cryptocurrency. ASK fuels an ecosystem of buyers and sellers interacting and transacting with each other on a permission basis.

The platform offers a huge number of different products for men, women and children. There are several sections with electronics, household items, toys, and even Pets. But the most important thing is that when you earn ASK cryptocurrency, you can also spend it in the store to buy goods. There is no restriction on the use of ASK.

Do not forget that this is an open source blockchain. All transactions can be viewed in the blockchain. This guarantees us transparency and integrity. In addition, you can always cash out your earned ASK in $. The token is already traded on Bithumb Global!

It’s time to stop the monopoly of IT giants and start monetizing your own data. And thanks to now it’s possible!

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