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I learned about social mining in the form that DAO Maker offers earlier this year and was surprised at how much the concept has evolved.

For those who hear about it for the first time, I will tell you a little how it all started.

The philosophy of social mining is that you earn cryptocurrency (mining) through your social activity. Simply put, to get something, you have to create something and share your activity with other people.

In practice, this happens something like this: the project announces a bounty program in social networks — the user creates content — publishes it on the social network that is best suited for this and talks about it in other networks, trying to increase the reach of its audience.

If you do something really cool, it usually becomes viral content and people will do all the work themselves. However, it is not always possible to make such content, so the promotion of your content plays an important role.

In 2017, when there were a huge number of new projects trying to attract attention, social mining became the basis for such startups. Countless new projects that launched promotion campaigns promised their social miners great rewards and privileges. But often, everything ended either with a banal scam of projects, or the real value of payments was very far from the promised ones.

This type of earnings was an outright lottery, and the level of content created was very low. I remember that time well, and after making a couple of unsuccessful attempts in this case, I safely forgot about it.

However, when I got acquainted with the concept and vision of social mining from DAO Maker, I was pleasantly surprised.

DAO Maker’s vision

First, the company DAO Maker has created an online platform that opens in the browser (no need to download anything), where absolutely any user can start earning cryptocurrency. There is no purpose to tell you about the functionality of the platform, there are many articles about it and detailed instructions from DAO Maker, so I will only say that this is the most simple and convenient functionality with its well-thought-out logic of rewards and punishments for low-quality content.

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All work takes place on the platform and in social networks. The system is designed in such a way that it is not profitable for the user to create low-quality content, they simply will not get anything. This is why the level of content on the DAO Maker platforms is very high.

Secondly, DAO Maker took on the most important job of project selection. Now users do not need to worry if the project will pay? and will they not deceive me?

All projects that start working on the social mining platform are carefully checked and have a good reputation.

Thanks to this, each user can focus only on creating good content and not worry about organizational issues. The DAO Maker is worried about everything.

Now let’s move on to the main question.

Why do I need social mining?

This is a good question and I have two categories of answers to it.

  1. The main motivation, which lies on the surface, is earning cryptocurrency. Every week, depending on the quantity and quality of the work performed, you receive a share of the payment pool. I must say right away that you are unlikely to earn thousands of dollars a month, but something else is important here. Social mining on DAO Maker platforms is lifestyle. I will tell you how I do it.
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By having breakfast before leaving for work, I can write my first tweet and read my colleagues’ tweets while liking them along the way. My journey from home to work takes half an hour by bus, during which time I can write another tweet or post on any other social network. Arriving at work, I have another 10–15 minutes, usually at this time I read articles, news and in general everything related to cryptocurrency.

At work, each person has time to rest, usually short breaks of 10–15 minutes. At this time, I also try to do something useful, there are times when I have no thoughts and I do not want to write anything. Well, that’s okay. I will write next time. My lunch break lasts an hour, usually 20 minutes is enough for me to eat. In the remaining time, I can start work on a new article or continue work on an unfinished article.

There are times when there is not a lot of work in the office and I can afford to complete social mining tasks right at work.

Before going to bed, when my kids are already asleep, I also have about two hours to do something interesting. When I walk alone, when I go for a run, when I am on the bus, I can very often think about the topic for a new article, about its structure, even about what pictures I could insert there. If I need to make an infographic, I try to imagine how the data will be laid out, what design would be appropriate, etc.

Naturally, there are days when my head is full of other things: family affairs or important projects at my main job. However, social mining is easy to integrate into your lifestyle without sacrificing anything at all.

As you can see, I do not set aside any special time to do this. Social mining with DAO Maker is a lifestyle that develops me, motivates me to acquire new knowledge and skills. This is where I learned how to: create memes, simple designs, infographics, tweet, and the coolest thing is launching nodes.

And even children help me to do some activities. For example, we did this with my son for the Avalanche project.

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It was very interesting for him to take part in this, and we had a great time.

2. The second part of my answer may not be so obvious, but after 10 months I realize that this is where there may be great opportunities. Working on DAO Maker platforms, you will be communicating with different people from different projects. It’s just inevitable. However, there is nothing wrong with that. New acquaintances are always opportunities.

To make it clearer, I’ll just give an example from personal experience.

One of the participants in social mining once tagged me on Twitter, under his post. There was information about one project. I got interested, wrote to this guy, he told me in more detail and helped me to participate in this project, as a result, in a couple of months of work, my profit was several of my annual salaries. And there are many such stories. As a social miner, you are always in the flow of information, and sometimes something interesting and meaningful comes across in this flow.

DYCO v2 — token sale format

I will also add that DAO Maker is actively developing and now the company is looking towards the development of the token sale format. They recently introduced an improved DYCO v2 format for long-term investors with mechanisms to protect against price drawdowns. This is an unprecedented development that has no analogues. The project of the first DYCO was very successful and despite a correction of altcoins, it still holds at the ROI level of 15.9X.

DAO Maker are issuing their own token within the DYCO v2 format. The main sale will take place on pre-sale. However, only $ 100,000 will be allocated for the public round.

Where do you think the allocations for this exclusive sale will take place?

I think you guessed it. Of course, on the social mining platform. The top 100 social miners will receive various allocations. I think this is very fair. As you can see, social mining throws up another opportunity and there will be many more.

You can read more about the DYCO format and other innovations in DAO Maker on the official DAO Maker blog.

For several months now, social mining has been my lifestyle. And you know, I want to tell you, during this time my life has improved markedly.

Don’t believe me! Try it yourself!

If you have any questions, please contact the telegram group

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