Thoughts about Keep…#1

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Now I only regret that I am not a programmer. I think I could create a lot of interesting dapps with Keep that people would really need.

However, I hope that my thoughts can help those who, unlike me, can not only talk their tongues)

I recently flew for work to a country where a special certificate was required at the entrance that I was not infected with the coronavirus. I had a report, but it was in Russian, and there was a lot of my personal data. As a result, my certificate with fairly private data passed from hand to hand, between customs officers. Each of them tried to read it or somehow understand it, but could not.

After a few hours, I was still allowed to enter the country, but after photographing all my data. I am not some secret agent, but this is my personal information, which can now theoretically become public.

You probably know what I’m getting at.

My idea is to create an dapp using Keep, where all our private information about the passed test will be recorded in off-chain containers, but publicly we can only show proof that we are not ill and our proof has not expired and is valid.

A similar standard could be automated at airports to track new arrivals.

I think this application could be used in many areas where there is a need for private access, without publishing personal data.

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