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This year, nature decided to conduct natural selection. The pandemic has affected the entire world. As we know, the most vulnerable are the elderly, who, as a rule, almost all have chronic diseases. However, as sad as it may sound, after the death of a parent, the problems are just beginning. The reason is the lack of a reliable will.

Paper media is not perfect and absolutely not resistant to forgery. Private networks are also not an example of decentralization.

In fact, when it comes only to money, Everything looks quite simple. You can create a smart contract that will track the activity of the wallet and if there were no movements during a certain period, the smart contract automatically sends funds from this wallet to other ones specified in the contract in advance. In this way, each of the heirs will be able to receive the part of the money assigned to them.

However, what to do if we are talking about real estate or precious stones. This also applies to many other tangible assets.

I think Keep is perfect for this task.

Off chain containers can store all confidential information about an asset (purchase date, transaction amount, estimated value, etc.) however, the user can confirm their ownership under the contract without having to show all the information.

The person will be able to confirm that he or she is the heir to this asset, and the other heirs will be able to make sure that he or she is not cheating.

It seems to me that such an application can become very popular.

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